David Fincher seemed an odd choice when it was announced a film was to be made charting the early years of Mark Zuckerberg's creation of Facebook. Who could have predicted that partnered with writing ace Aaron Sorkin they could create a modern masterpiece of drama? 'The Social Network' is just that; compelling, relevant, insightful and hugely entertaining. Eisenberg's performance is a marvel in itself, creating a repulsive sociopath who is simultaneously hugely sympathetic, while the Winklevoss twins provide some of the lighter relief. Though not a comedy, you may find yourself laughing a great deal throughout the film, it's not that it's a gag fest, just a joy to watch. Superlative filmmaki
This is a bizarre hybrid, a hi-tech caper movie with lo-tech charm, an action pic with incongruously mellow Californian pacing, a post-Cold War thriller with sassy wit. Redford heads a team of 'sneakers' - freelance tech-heads who execute computer heists to test corporate security systems. It's basically an old folk's operation, with crusty CIA vet Poitier, wild card conspiracy nut Aykroyd, blind genius Strathairn, and McDonnell as a mature femme fatale, only Phoenix guarantees the teen market. When Redford's radical past catches up with him, so do the intelligence goons, who want him to procure a black box, the ultimate hackers' McGuffin. The plot gets twistier than a Mandelbrot curve, lead
A bomber who has just destroyed a train plans to kill thousands more with a much larger detonator in the heart of Chicago within hours. A top-secret program allows an initially mystified Captain Colter Stevens to exist briefly as another man in the parallel reality of the doomed commuter train. Each time he returns to the train, Colter has just eight minutes to uncover the bomberís identity. The more he learns, the more convinced the soldier becomes that he can prevent the deadly blast from ever happening, but can the time shifting reality of his real world allow him to survive? 'Source Code' is an intelligent, fast paced thriller; the second feature from the unquestionably talented director
Tom Cruise is the head of a pre-crime unit. Thanks to the amazing abilities of three genetically manipulated individuals who can foresee future crime (in particular murder) Washington has become a place free of killing. Thousands of people have been incarcerated by the state before they have had the opportunity to commit their crime, but when Cruise's character finds himself accused of a future murder he sets out on a race against time to discover how, and indeed if, he has been set up. Minority Report is an adaptation of a Philip K Dick novel, a man whom Orwell would no doubt have deemed a kindred spirit, and as a fast paced action thriller it works very well though it, perhaps wisely, does
Big Data, Little Britain
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