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Certification12 Our Rating

Twelve-year-old Akira is head of his family, two younger sisters and a brother. Dad has never featured in their lives and mum, well she has a tendency to come and then go. Left to their own devices the children have to adapt to survive and in doing so they observe the grown-up world with a wonder and resignation that breaks the heart and blows the mind. Based on a true story, which was reported in the Japanese news in 1988, and shot in a semi-documentary style "Nobody Knows" is a deeply moving a find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Private Kang is a South Korean soldier fanatically dedicated to his duty, patrolling the shores at night to prevent North Korean spies from entering the country. One night while on patrol Kang mistakes a civilian couple for enemies and kills the man, from that moment forward, his fate seems linked to that of the woman, as both slowly lose their minds from guilt and paranoia. A powerful and haunting indictment of the schism between North and South Korea from acclaimed director Kim Ki-Duk. find out more...