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Hawthorne is breathtaking as poor old King George, who, after 30 years reign, has gone completely barking mad. While his evil son plots to steal the throne, the men in the white coats subject the captive King to a stomach-churning array of torturous treatment. Bawdy, shockingly funny and just brilliant! find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

At the National Institute For The Deaf and Dumb in Paris, a barely clothed and dirty young boy, found in a forest, unable to speak, communicate or function in society, was admitted. Christened Victor by the hospital staff, his case was taken up by Doctor Itard, a lone physician, who had an unyielding dedication to re-integrating the lad into society. But the road to tame the beast was a rocky one and Itard would have to work tirelessly to teach Victor how to reclaim his place in the world...even find out more...