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Certification15 Our Rating

Walt and Bob are best friends and brothers, there is almost nothing they don't share, something of a necessity considering they are Siamese twins. It is only when Walt's dreams of movie stardom become too strong to resist that the two men's lives begin to get complicated, and the handicap that they had turned to their advantage is endanger of splitting them apart. Stuck On You is the latest in a long line of Farrelly Brothers films and though the gross out comedy is still present and correct, it find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

A surprisingly effective movie version of Dennis Potter's seminal TV drama, that, considering the slicing and dicing involved to squeeze the original story down to a 95 minute running time, captures the surreal essence of the original. find out more...
[REC] (2007)

Certification16 Our Rating

An ambulance, a police and a TV crew arrive in a Spanish apartment block on a call out. On trying to leave, with a police officer badly bitten by an aggressive old lady, they find themselves and the inhabitants barricaded in by the authorities and the victims of a Bio-Nuclear-Chemical alert... find out more...