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Certification15 Our Rating

A biotechnology executive and his wife attempt to save the lives of their 2 children who suffer from a genetic condition, Pompe disease. After contacting a relevant scientific researcher they raise wads of cash to fund the development of a drug. Based on a true story "Extraordinary Measures" effectively portrays the conflicts of interest between the profit motives of the drug companies and the needs of patients. It avoids degenerating into slush and the star cast raises it above your average T find out more...
SICKO (2007)

Certification12 Our Rating

Mr Moore is at it again, trashing the core values of ‘The Land of the Brave and the Free', this time it's the ripoff American health service, a system which despite its huge cost is one of the least effective in the ‘developed' world. Moore compares it with the health services of Canada, Britain, France and Cuba as examples of how a system should be run, but, and this is always the flaw in Moore's documentaries, you never get a truly rounded argument. However the man's mission is to address the find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

A diplomat posted in Africa is devastated by the murder of his wife but he's sceptical of the authority's diligence and determination to find her killers so he devotes himself to finding those responsible. What our dour hero discovers is that his wife's death is only the tip of a genocidal conspiracy and while she may be lost to him the only hope of easing his anguish is to expose those that she'd died defying. Based on John Le Carre's novel, The Constant Gardener is a searingly effective adapta find out more...