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Certification18 Our Rating

Fans of The Mighty Boosh will probably be well aware of the terrible darkness that is contained within the walls of Darkplace Hospital. For new initiates Garth Marenghi was probably, no, definitely THE greatest horror write of the last 10 decades. He's a Dreamweaver of the highest order. He is also responsible for this seminal series from the 1980's which features some of the most terrifying concepts in the world of the paranormal, including telekinesis, a mutant eye-child, a haunted highland fo find out more...
PERSONA (1966)

Certification15 Our Rating

Elizabeth is a highly renowned actress who has lost her ability to speak, Alma is the nurse responsible for helping her through her psychological, rather than physica,l ailment. As the relationship between the two women develops Alma seamlessly becomes Elizabeth's voice, the start of a metamorphosis that sees the very essence of who they both are beginning to blend. Bergman's remarkable voyage of the psyche is deemed one of his very best, visually stunning and hypnotically intense. find out more...
SHIVERS (1974)

Certification18 Our Rating

A doctor discovers that a savage new disease is making the residents of a luxury apartment block randomly violent and deviantly sexual. He also has to race to save himself and the city in this excellent vintage Cronenberg film. find out more...