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BIRDY (1985)

Certification15 Our Rating

Two soldiers return from Vietnam, one mentally scarred, the other physically. We flashback to their childhood and the fascination the slightly crazy one has with flying. So maybe after the horror of war it's a more logical decision to be a bird! A brilliant film about disillusionment, growing up and existential madness. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Eighteen year old Brian Lackey is missing something, five hours to be precise, five hours from his childhood that he cannot account for and that he has become convinced is the work of aliens. Moving to New York Brian meets a young hustler, depressingly wise beyond his years and though seemingly at complete odds with each other the two form a bond. Together the young lads recognise the need to acknowledge what has happened to them and in each other see the opportunity to lay their demons to rest. find out more...
XXY (2007)

Certification15 Our Rating

We follow a teenage boy, whose mother and surgeon father are visiting another Argentine family on the rugged south Uruguayan coast. It is the relationship between the boy and his hermaphrodite teen host that we follow, each, in their own ways, confused and anxious adolescents uncertain of their roles in life and their futures. This sensitive and observant film is anchored by Ricardo Darín as the young 'girl's' marine biologist father and his attempts to give her/him the freedom to find his/her o find out more...