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LARGE (2000)

Certification15 Our Rating

Jason's just about to turn 18 and inherit the fortune of his late father, Barry "Blaze" Mouseley, there is only one stipulation, he must show himself to be a morally upstanding member of society. As you may have guessed Jason is a hedonistic slacker with the friends to match, can he clean up his act and collect the dosh and does the money really mean that much to him? Large is a sought of teen gross out comedy, British stylee. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Great teen comedy as über-bitch Kimberly coerces two other girls into a sex harrassment case against an English teacher she wants revenge on. There's great dialogue, snappy lines and some wonderful characters in this not sexually inexplicit Heathers, Election, Mean Girls type flick. Very dark and very twisted. find out more...