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Certification12 Our Rating

A pleasant retreading of the path Tom Hanks walked in 'Big', only with a post Sex-and-the-City flavour. Jenna is a gawky 12 year old girl whose friends aren't above the odd bit of bitchiness. In a fit of self loathing, sat blindfolded on the floor of a closet after a particularly humiliating episode at the hands of her contemporaries, she makes the wish that sees her waking up as a pretty, flirty 30 year old. The ever-watchable Mark Ruffalo provides well-balanced support as the stoner foil to Ga find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Jason Shepherd is a 14 year old school boy who's lying verges on the pathological, but when a sleazy Hollywood producer steals his class paper and turns it into a blockbuster, the gobby lad decides to get some payback. Big Fat Liar is a fun kid's movie with a great performance from Paul Giamatti as the despicable but delightful producer. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Great teen comedy as über-bitch Kimberly coerces two other girls into a sex harrassment case against an English teacher she wants revenge on. There's great dialogue, snappy lines and some wonderful characters in this not sexually inexplicit Heathers, Election, Mean Girls type flick. Very dark and very twisted. find out more...
SCREAM 2 (1998)

Certification18 Our Rating

It's been two years since a pair of psycho serial killers terrorised the small town of Woodsboro, the events have been immortalised in new horror film "Stab", and terminally unlucky teen-scream-queen Sidney (Neve Campbell) has taken up film studies, natch, at college. But during a premiere of the movie at Sidney's local cinema (in an opening sequence which almost rivals the original) a member of the audience meets a gruesomely untimely end, heralding another couple of hours of murder and mayhem find out more...