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CertificationU Our Rating

Like wow, lets drop some acid (older members may remember what that was) and watch the pyschedelic sequence. To boldly go were no man has..... whoops wrong movie. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

CertificationPG Our Rating

After twenty years on a spaceship whose mission is to destroy unstable planets the crew have all gone pleasantly mad, have taken on a pet alien and now have to contend with a malfunctioning intellectual bomb. A superb low budget debut from Carpenter and still one of his best movies - he combines suspense and humour to excellent effect. Brilliant! find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Certification12 Our Rating

A highly visual movie with three intersecting stories - one each from the past, present, and future - about a man in pursuit of eternal life. A conquistador in Mayan country searches for the tree of life, a medical researcher, working with tree sap, looks for a cure that will save his dying wife and, finally, a space traveller with an aged tree in a bubble moves toward a dying star that's wrapped in a nebula. find out more...