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1612 (2010)

Certification15 Our Rating

A blood and guts epic that pits true love against the ruthless political machinations of aristocracy after the death of the Tsar creates a power vacuum in early 17th Century Russia. find out more...
AZUMI (2003)

Certification18 Our Rating

'Azumi' is a frantic CGI-assisted Japanese period drama from cult director Ryuhei Kitamura starring pop siren Aya Ueto as a teenage assassin who begins the film as the only girl among 10 warriors who have been trained from childhood by Jiji, a grey-bearded samurai. One day, Jiji tells them they must pass a final test before they embark on the mission they have prepared for all these years. He pairs them up and the five that survive, led by Jiji, descend from the mountain that is the only world t find out more...
ROB ROY (1995)

Certification15 Our Rating

Neeson dons a kilt to play Scotland's legendary hero in this rousing Highland adventure. John Hurt plays the arch enemy Marquis he must defeat, and Roth is magnificently over the top as the cunning henchman out to destroy the MacGregor clan. Breathtaking scenery and some full-on battle scenes. find out more...
SHOGUN (1980)

Certification15 Our Rating

A British sea captain becomes an honored Samurai after being shipwrecked in 17th century Japan. An epic mini-series that is a blend of politics, romance, history, culture, religion and high adventure. Based on the James Clavell best-seller. 12 hour mini-serie s premiered on NBC in 6 parts

find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

17th Century England has just endured a civil war that has seen the Monarchy overthrown. The corridors of power are stalked as the reformist, but somewhat naive, idealist Fairfax, tries to broker a deal between two obstinate rocks, his power seeking deputy, the revolutionary Cromwell, and the nutty Stewart monarch Charles, and keep his beloved, but monarchist, wife happy. Roth's interpretation of Cromwell, a sort of Olivier's Richard The Third with a Hitlerian moustache attached, ie somewhat of find out more...