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BIRDY (1985)

Certification15 Our Rating

Two soldiers return from Vietnam, one mentally scarred, the other physically. We flashback to their childhood and the fascination the slightly crazy one has with flying. So maybe after the horror of war it's a more logical decision to be a bird! A brilliant film about disillusionment, growing up and existential madness. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Flanders tells the story of a group of young men, including local farmer Demster, from rural northern France, who go to fight, with brutal consequences, in a war in an unnamed Middle Eastern country. Juxtaposing rural images of their home village against the savage and unrelenting landscape of battle, the film charts familiar Dumont territory offering a unique vision against the backdrop of an unconventional love story between Demester and his fragile, sometime girlfriend, Barbe. find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

A young American soldier is wounded by a shell in WWI, losing his arms, legs and eyes as well as his ability to hear, speak or smell. Lying in hospital he is barely able to distinguish if he is awake or dreaming and he relives his story in strange dreams and memories. One day Joe finds a way to communicate with the doctors ... find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

San Lorenzo's Night is the night when dreams come true in Italian folklore. It is also a night when an older woman recalls 1944, when she was six-years-old and the stars were shell bursts and a group of peasants fled the Germans and Fascists through the Tuscan countryside to American lines. 'La Notte Di San Lorenzo' is a stunning film, a mesmerising portrayal of love, loss, betrayal and hope. find out more...