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Certification15 Our Rating

Set in the Palestinian occupied territories we follow our central character as he struggles to maintain a meaningful relationship with the woman he loves under the watchful glare of an Isreali checkpoint. "Divine Intervention" is a marvelously offbeat movie, part satire, part farce, frequently surreal, but through it all a perceptive and thoughtful observation of a conflict that as yet defies solution. find out more...
KANAL (1956)

Certification12 Our Rating

Part 2, and surely the greatest, of Wajda's trilogy describes the last days of the failed 1944 Warsaw uprising against the Nazis. The imagery of the sewers, to which the Polish fighters retreat, is superbly used to represent both their desperation and their new Soviet prison. Made in 1956 despite Stalinist censorship. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

The film version of Kurt Vonnegut Jr's famous anti-war sci-fi novel. Slipping back and forth along his own life line a suburban optometrist experiences the fire bombing of Dresden and captivity on the planet Trafalmardore. A powerful and seemingly unfilmable book that turned out to be a great movie. find out more...