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Mind those steps! Perhaps the most famous movie scene in the history of cinema. The documentary style story of mutiny aboard the Potemkin as the sailors fight oppression and fire on Tzarist troops attempting to quell rebellion in the city of Oddessa. Almost every shot is so beautiful it could work as a still. find out more...

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Adapted from a Novokshenov novel this semi-ethnographic, semi-polemical epic follows a Mongol uprising against British occupiers not long after the communist revolution in Russia. When a young herdsman is captured by the British a twist of fate leads them to believe he is a descendant of Genghis Khan and, hoping that such a presence will pacify the people, he is dully installed as a puppet leader. This as you might expect turns out to be a terrible error of judgement on the part of the interlope find out more...

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A disturbingly racist portrayal of the American Civil War, stunningly made, but unforgivably sympathetic to the KKK. This is an historic landmark of cinema, remarkable for its technical innovations if not its content. find out more...

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A disturbing documentary account of the 1934 Nuremberg rally, portraying Hitler in near godlike terms. So powerful was the imagery and effect of this film that it was banned for many years after WW2. Today too it leaves a chilling effect even after all those years. find out more...
WINGS (1929)

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An epic drama of love during World War I. At the first ever Oscars this silent film won Best Picture and Best Effects.

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