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CertificationU Our Rating

Dennis Quaid is a nonchalant, acerbic, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda pilot, and when he picks up a disgruntled oil rig crew in the middle of a desert no one is keen to make friends. A couple of hours later, having barely survived a vicious storm, everyone is stranded deep in the Gobi thousands of miles from civilisation and with only the remnants of a plane. Rather than accept their fate the survivorsí band together and decide to build a new craft from the bits that are left, a pointless a find out more...

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A thoughtful sci-fi thriller as scientists fight to find the antidote to a deadly space borne disease knowing that at the first sign of contamination their high security lab will self destruct. Written by Michael "Jurassic Park" Crichton who was also responsible for the fabulous "Westworld". find out more...