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Certification18 Our Rating

Eight months after a disastrous job in Kiev left him physically and mentally scarred, ex-soldier turned contract killer, Jay, is pressured by his partner, Gal, into taking a new assignment. As they descend into the dark and disturbing world of the contract, Jay begins to unravel once again, his fear and paranoia sending him deep into the heart of darkness. An find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

‘The Crazies’ is about a band of survivors trying to escape a small town where the citizens are succumbing to an infectious disease that turns them into rabid lunatics and, as if that isn’t enough, the bureaucracy is no friend, the army being a little less than helpful. ‘The Crazies’ is a satisfactory, if unambitious, remake of George E Romero's cult classic that delivers well on scares and hasn't misplaced its sense of fun (cue the most ridiculous groin-threatening set piece since G find out more...