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Certification15 Our Rating

Christina Ricci turns all sexy and slutty and this little temptress is the devil for embittered bluesman, yep he woke up this morning, Lazarus, who needs to pray ter god as he chains her near naked body to the radiator in order to save her soul. This is a strange mix of steam, religion and human values as individuals work together to help heal each other's damaged psyches. An up-lifting tribute to human values, with a great blues soundtrack, in this 'Southern Gothic' adaptation of George Eliot's find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Cross-dressing club-kid Eddie vies with a rival drag-queen for the favours of drug-dealing cabaret-manager Gonda in this unflinching and often brutal portrayal of Japanese gay subculture. Matsumoto achieves a line between pathos and hilarity that makes Funeral Parade of Roses utterly unique; a feverish collision of avant-garde aesthetics and grind-house shocks (not to mention a direct influence on Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange). In addition this psychedelic era film is a gay play on the O find out more...
GOTHIC (1986)

Certification18 Our Rating

Shelley, Byron, Doctor Polidori, plus assorted girlfriends wives and mistresses are all hanging around in a mansion near Lake Geneva getting smashed on opium, holding seances and trying to scare each other by telling ghost stories. A nightmarish delerium in Ken Russell's usual tasteful style. find out more...