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BRICK (2006)

Certification15 Our Rating

'Baby Bogart' or 'Bugsy Malone The Sequel'? Young teens act out the roles of our classic noir favourites, Sam Spade et al, against a backdrop of a daylight open-spaced LA suburbia. The characters are there, the script is there, the critics loved it and you, the viewers, rave about it. Sorry, but I just can't buy young high school kids acting out these roles.....ergo the answer is 'Bugsy Malone The Sequel'...but please make your own mind up. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

A superb modern thriller in the ultra-hardboiled Jim Thompson mould, in which a trio of criminals, wanted for a brutally murderous drugs heist, converge on a small, quiet Arkansas township where the local cop, treated with contempt by the LA officers in charge of the case, looks forward to a High Noon-style showdown. The asides on racial and sexual inequality are made subtly and succinctly; the performances and pacing are nigh perfect; the violence is explicit, disturbing but never gratuitous; a find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

In the rural hinterland of the Ozark Mountains, Missouri, 17-year-old Ree Dolly, in the absence of her crystal meth/crank manufacturing father, is the only effective parent for her two younger siblings and sole carer to her emotionally vacant mother. When Ree discovers dad has put their house up as bail and then disappeared she knows she must find him or the family will be turned out into a bitter wilderness in which they cannot hope to survive. Her close knit, secretive and, often, brutally har find out more...