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Certification15 Our Rating

A literally cursed lady and her adopted daughter live in isolation in their small domicile in the breathtaking North Asian Arctic tundra. Always fearsome of contact with 'murderous' fellow humans from an unexplained dystopic external world, they sled, they kayak and they hunt, but their life is thrown into chaos by the discovery of a seriously injured army runaway. find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

Evil stepmother Zenobia has turned Prince Kassim into a baboon... so Princess Farah, Sinbad and his crew set off on a magical adventure quest, first to find an alchemist (Doctor Who to those of the right generation), who sends them on their way to Hyperboria to an ancient pyramid where Kassim can be cured, but they are secretly being stalked by Zenobia and her coterie. On their voyage Sinbad and his crew encounter a trio of ghouls, a killer wasp, a giant walrus, a troglodyte and a smilodon. Th find out more...
THE DARK (2005)

Certification15 Our Rating

Adelle decides to take her daughter Sarah to Wales in the hope that the child can rebuild a relationship with her estranged father, but only days after their arrival tragedy strikes when Sarah is swept out to sea and drowned. Tormented by visions of her dead daughter Adelle hears of an ancient legend, a passage way back from a land of the dead should one of the living take the place of the already taken. The Dark is a creepy psychological horror, a wee bit daft admittedly, but there's a good cas find out more...