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Certification15 Our Rating

Small time gangster Louis's son has taken over the family restaurant and turned it from traditional fare to a successful trendy nouvelle cuisine outlet. We follow the conversations from tables of diners, art critics, gangsters, police, predatory females et al, and the work force, both up and downstairs, all against a smart thriller backdrop. Altmanesque, brilliant and gastronomic. find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Four culturally diverse families prepare for thanksgiving somewhere in the leafy suburbs of LA, one Vietnamese, one Jewish, one African American and one Hispanic. What's Cooking has a witty and touching script that concerns itself as much with the generational divide as it does the specifics of race, culture or sexual orientation but it is the shimmeringly liberal attitude displayed by all the characters in reference to race and culture that deprives the story of any real bite, perceptive and en find out more...