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Certification18 Our Rating

Jazz musician Bill Pullman is an already insane guy in a failed marriage; bitter at his wife's infidelity he murders her and is captured and sentenced. Unable to cope with this reality he invents an alter ego, but this alter ego has to cope with his emotions and his life starts to fall apart. A bit like a voyage into Hitchcock's Psycho's head. Probably Lynch's most baffling film up to this point, and well worth watching. Just bear in mind that most people, eg non-Lynch afficinados, will not atte find out more...
STONED (2007)

Certification15 Our Rating

Brian Jones was more than just a 'Rolling Stone', he was their founder member, their leader, their visionary and their most gifted musician. The face of the sixties revolution, his blonde ambiguous style and considerable talent inspired enormous curiosity. Director Stephen Wooley has spent the last 10 years researching events surrounding Jones's suspicious death, and Stoned charts the rise and demise of one of Britain's original rock stars. find out more...