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Certification15 Our Rating

After a violent row with her mum, fifteen year old Helena finally gets her wish to escape her parents' struggling circus, unfortunately her destination is a dark fantastical dreamworld bearing a nightmarish resemblance to reality. Sent in search of something known as the Mirrormask, she embarks on an odyssey through a bizarre landscape populated by people and creatures both beautiful and grotesque, helpful and menacing… find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Access to 'The Book of Secrets', which only the Presidents of America are privy to, is altruistic treasure hunter Ben Gate's latest 'mission impossible' and with it he must find/save ‘the city of lost gold' from those who would do bad. As soon as National Treasure 2 finished I had immediately forgotten what had happened; but it's sub-Indiana Jones doing the Da Vinci Code, big-of-budget, tongue-in-cheek, relentlessly paced popcorn movie-making of the highest (lowest?) order, and that PG certifica find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Certification12 Our Rating

St Trinian's school for young women is in a bit of a financial crisis, though to be honest the lack of any actual education going on makes its imminent closure something of a moot point, but with a dedication never displayed in the classroom the girls decide to save their beloved establishment by stealing, then hawking a very valuable painting from the National Gallery. Rupert Everett in drag (jez he don't make a pretty woman), Colin Firth doing his prissy, anal routine, Russell Brand playing a find out more...