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3 WOMEN (1977)

CertificationPG Our Rating

In a dusty, under-populated California resort town, Pinky Rose, a naïve and impressionable Southern waif, begins her life as a nursing home attendant. There, Pinky finds her role model in fellow nurse "Thoroughly Modern" Millie Lammoreaux, a misguided would-be sophisticate and hopeless devotee of Cosmopolitan and Woman's Day magazines. When Millie accepts Pinky into her home at the Purple Sage singles' complex, Pinky's hero-worship evolves into something far stranger and more sinister than eithe find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Talented young sketch artist Jerome Platz escapes from high school to a tiny East Coast art college. Here his ambition is to become, like his hero Picasso, the world's greatest artist. Unfortunately the beauty and craft of Jerome's portraiture are not appreciated in an art class that he finds bewildering and bogus, neither his harsh judgments of his classmates' efforts nor his later attempts to create pseudo-art of his own win him any admirers, though he does attract the attentions of his dream find out more...

CertificationE Our Rating

The collection opens with Len Lye's modernist abstraction ‘Tusalava’, which, heavily influenced by Maori and Aboriginal art, shares an interest in ‘primitive’ cultures that was typical of the Modernist movement of the time. It was almost refused a certificate by the puzzled British Board of Censors who suspected that the dancing abstract shapes might be about sex. Lye's own explanation was that it showed the beginnings of organic life. ‘Crossing the Great Sagrada’, is a lowbrow spoof on travel find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Three generations of women, all named Cissy Coalpitt, drown their husbands and then have to deal with a leacherous coroner whose silence is bought in return for sexual favours. A complex web of interlocking references to games, sex and mortality, famous last words, Samson and Delilah, Breughel, circumcision et al. A very black and bawdy comedy, highly recommended for lovers of the off-beat. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

The most perverse Frankenstein flick ever. While the Baron's sister/wife gives the village stud a good going over in her boudoir, the man himself is carving up the locals to create two perfect zombies to spawn a master race. Incest, necrophilia and yards of technicolour entrails. Stomach-churning! find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating