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TARGETS (1967)

Certification12 Our Rating

Convinced that he is an anachronism aging horror film star Orlok announces his retirement. Meanwhile an apparently average young man goes on a shooting spree, eventually showing up at a drive-in theatre where Orlok is making his final personal appearance. find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Certification18 Our Rating

A case history of a middle-aged man with an urge to commit insane and violent murders, well OK he just liked to top people, as we all feel like doing from time to time, but in this case the police could never catch him. A flashback goes some way towards explaining how he developed such a disdain for authority, and the film takes an almost doco-style approach to the crimes of its protagonist and takes great pains to examine the impact his behavior had on his mother, father and wife. A rare insigh find out more...
ZODIAC (2007)

Certification15 Our Rating

A suspenseful documentation of the search for Zodiac killer, who made the headlines with his apparently random killings and his coded messages to the press as to his identity, whilst killing with impunity, largely in the San Francisco Bay area of Northern California, in the 1970s. The story follows that of puzzle solver and cartoonist Robert Graysmith and is reflected in the somewhat amateurish, if occasionally compulsive, efforts of various resource stretched California police units. find out more...