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Fanis, a professor of astronomy and astrophysics, recalls his childhood growing up as a Greek boy in Istanbul and the time spent with his shopkeeper grandfather learning about life and, in particular, the art of cooking. And it was here, in his grandfather's store, that he first fell in love, with Saime. After political tensions over Cyprus in 1963 Fanis's family were deported, but his grandfather stayed in Istanbul, and it is decades later that they meet again as Fanis returns 'home', after yea find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Doris, a young housewife from Oakland, and George, an accountant from New Jersey, meet by chance at a rural California inn. Sparks fly and they have an affair that they repeat annually, in the same place, for the next 26 years. We visit them every fifth year as they intimately discuss their lives, their family and their problems and continue their romance. A surprisingly sweet natured and warm hearted romantic comedy… considering its basis in marital infidelity, with a sparkly witty dialogue mor find out more...