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CertificationPG Our Rating

(Showing at the Cube Cinema, Thursday June 26th 2014): The definitive nostalgia movie. A multitude of budding stars made their debuts in this fond look at the innocence of teenage life in '62. Difficult decisions, sex, booze, amazing cars and a brilliant soundtrack make this a film which is touching, perceptive, very funny and hugely entertaining.

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Certification15 Our Rating

An intriguing premise; take Dylan's music as an inspiration and using six different actors (one a young black boy, another a woman) loosely re-enact his life from childhood to venerable and venerated troubadour of the 20th Century. The possibilities of I'm Not There' going horribly wrong were always going to be high but Todd Haynes manages to pull off a fascinating, hypnotic, original tale of a living icon and while the performances, with out exception, are excellent, it is Kate Blanchett's tur find out more...