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HOTEL (2001)

Certification18 Our Rating

Promising ‘torture', ‘pain' and ‘perversion' Hotel is a vampire cannibal thriller from Mike Figgis and an all-star cast. Not the best use of talent from the likes of Ifans, Hayek and Burrows, Figgis sets this thriller in a hotel that is taken over by a film crew set to film a version of the Duchess of Malfi. Eventually it becomes clear that the crew and guests are not in charge in this hotel however and as the night comes the vampires and cannibals among the staff begin to take over. Bizarre find out more...
IRMA VEP (1996)

Certification15 Our Rating

A failing French movie director decides to remake Feuillade's 1915 film "Les Vampires", casting Maggie Cheung in the heroine's role. The director is sacked and Cheung starts having weird dreams.... A movie buff's movie? Or a sly poke at all those up-tight up-themselves movie critics who find it impossible to just watch a film and enjoy it? find out more...