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Certification15 Our Rating

Based on the myth of the Beast of Gevaudan, a creature that roamed the French countryside in the 18th Century slaughtering women and children. A revolutionary young scientist and his Iroquoi Indian companion are enlisted to hunt down the mysterious and perhaps supernatural animal, but the beast seems impossibly elusive and their troubles are compounded by the local authorities, some of whom appear to be hiding a dark secret. Brotherhood Of The Wolf is an insane mixture of horror, martial arts st find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating



Scrat’s pursuit of the nirvana acorn causes yet another continental cataclysm which plunges our three bestest buddies into yet another perilo find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Royston Vasey is in danger of disappearing and its inhabitants know their only chance of survival is to cross out of their world and confront its creators in ours. This being The League Of Gentlemen nothing is that simple and we shift from dark wizards and mythical monsters before the once fictional residents meet their denouement. Apocalypse is as it should be…barking, but what a typically inspired dog's dinner it is - funny, dark, twisted and bizarre. Pray god more than just the locals watch i find out more...