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Kenai is a young Indian on the cusp of manhood, but after a tragedy he becomes consumed by revenge, the consequences of his retributions result in his transformation into a bear, an opportunity given to him by the spirit world so that he may learn the error of his ways. Brother Bear is a delightful animated adventure, beautifully drawn, funny, and with a morality that's rather less saccharine than many a Disney offering. find out more...
HOLES (2003)

CertificationPG Our Rating

Stanley Yelnats is cursed, but he takes the burden on his young shoulders well. Sent to a desolate desert remand camp, Stanley and his new found buddies find themselves under the draconian rule of 'The Warden', a harsh and unrelenting creature who sets them to work digging hole after hole in an obsessive, but mysterious, search that the reluctant young shovelers become determined to unearth for themselves. Holes is an adaptation of Louis Sachar's hugely successful book and an inspired take it is find out more...