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Certification15 Our Rating

Former perv-master Almodovar goes all new man with this latest offering, widely considered to be his most accomplished film yet. After the accidental death of her beloved son, Manuela leaves Madrid for Barcelona, where she plans to look up old friends, exorcise her ghosts, and, just maybe, tell her long-estranged ex about the son he never knew he had. But this involves bring up some painful and unpleasant secrets from the past, and present. Almodovar's characteristically camp humour is still pre find out more...
HOLES (2003)

CertificationPG Our Rating

Stanley Yelnats is cursed, but he takes the burden on his young shoulders well. Sent to a desolate desert remand camp, Stanley and his new found buddies find themselves under the draconian rule of 'The Warden', a harsh and unrelenting creature who sets them to work digging hole after hole in an obsessive, but mysterious, search that the reluctant young shovelers become determined to unearth for themselves. Holes is an adaptation of Louis Sachar's hugely successful book and an inspired take it is find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

Mona’s teenage life defines the word ‘crap’, not tragic, just without hope; her brother is the only family she has left and he’s found God in the same obsessively sociopathic way that he originally found booze, while a weekly hump in the back of a van with a married man actually constitutes fun rather than repetitive sexual abuse. Into this world wanders Tamsin, pretty, pretentious, spoilt but ignored and with a dangerous sense of mischief born of arrogance and naivety. An intense relationship b find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

The Shallow Grave team have surpassed themselves with this in-your-face look at the seedier side of life, through the eyes of smack-head Mark and his motley assortment of mates. Shocking, stylish, sometimes surreal yet utterly believable and very, very funny. See it! find out more...