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Certification15 Our Rating

A bold feature from writer-director Li Yang, also producer, film editor and focus puller, who is not afraid to expose the 'every-man-for-himself' corruption and swindling situations of China's miners' conditions. Seems like a sad story, yet its plot progression is as taut a thriller and chilling as it is straightforward, with its dauntless depiction of the ugly, the callous and the innocent. Amorality and moral strength are at play here, and the script was written with dramatic turns akin to the find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Life On Mars is the smash-hit cop show starring John Simm as a detective who is involved in a car accident and wakes to find himself transported back to 1973 a world dominated by Ford Cortinas, sheep-skin jackets, flares, silly haircuts, glam rock and very hard coppers. In his altered state of reality Sam must prove himself to his 'new boss', the hot-headed DCI Gene Hunt, all the while unsure whether he is awake or dreaming. In Episode 1 he hunts a serial killer and in Episode 2 he attempts to find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

Ten year old Ahlo, who is believed to bring bad luck, is blamed for a string of disasters within the village. When his family are forced from their home he meets the spirited orphan Kia and her eccentric uncle Purple: an ex-soldier with a purple suit, a rice-wine habit and a fetish for James Brown. In a last plea to try and prove he’s not cursed, Ahlo builds a giant explosive rocket to enter the most lucrative but dangerous competition of the year: the Rocket Festival. A spirited, touch find out more...