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ALIEN (1979)

Certification18 Our Rating

Much imitated but never equalled, this is the definitive space nightmare. The crew of a commercial spacecraft are stalked by a stowaway, mutating monster of veracious appetite. Weaver puts in a splendidly believable performance as the resourceful Ripley. Taut script and awesome special FX. find out more...
BRAZIL (1985)

Certification15 Our Rating

A work of genius. A sort of 1984 gone haywire about a humble clerk and his efforts to find the girl of his dreams. The backgrounds and the details are all superb in one of the most immaginative films ever released, although the studio that put up the money wanted a happier ending. A Must see! find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

Classic 50s sci-fi and the film that spawned a generation of alien-invasion flicks. When friendly alien visitor Klaatu is wounded by trigger-happy state troopers his robot mate seeks revenge, but Klaatu has a message for mankind and takes to the streets to teach the world the true meaning of peace. Brilliant. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

An awesome action film that some people rate as the best movie ever made! It's not, but in terms of visual impact and sheer technical wizardry it's hard to beat. It's the near future and nerdy computer hacker Neo (Reeves) is about to discover an alternative reality via a meeting with mysterious rebel warrior Morpheus (Larry Fishburne). Neo learns that life on earth is merely an elaborate farce, a complex computer simulation called The Matrix, and mankind is simply lunch - a source of power for t find out more...