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CertificationU Our Rating

Mona’s teenage life defines the word ‘crap’, not tragic, just without hope; her brother is the only family she has left and he’s found God in the same obsessively sociopathic way that he originally found booze, while a weekly hump in the back of a van with a married man actually constitutes fun rather than repetitive sexual abuse. Into this world wanders Tamsin, pretty, pretentious, spoilt but ignored and with a dangerous sense of mischief born of arrogance and naivety. An intense relationship b find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Harry, his girlfriend Marion, his mother, and his best mate are all addicts and all desperate for some form of contentment, perhaps even happiness. Requiem for a Dream is utterly engrossing and visually striking, a story where hope is all the characters have, but where their hope will drag them into an abyss of shattered dreams and misery; truly harrowing and determined in its lack of redemption, the film is simply unmissable. find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Four boys head off into the forest to look for the body of a school-friend who has disappeared. This much-acclaimed movie is a brilliantly acted and directed group portrait which depicts the four boys at the end of childhood, on the edge of adult awareness. Written by horror author, Stephen King. find out more...