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Certification18 Our Rating

A penniless pianist learns that contract-killing target Alfredo Garcia is already dead and sets out to recover his head and claim the bounty. Perhaps Peckinpah's most complex and critically controversial film, an eclectic mix of existensial quest, gothic tale, political critique of American involvement in Latin America and a love story of two losers challenging destiny. Set in Mexico. find out more...
DIVA (1981)

Certification15 Our Rating

One of the most stylish and beautiful films ever made and a cult classic that helped to repopularise French cinema over here. A courier obsessed with a beautiful black opera singer enters an underworld of visual splendour and tortuous emotions where love and desire go a long way to realising dreams. Brilliant! find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Chas is a gangland killer, on the run from his former employers, who moves in on a lacklustre ex-rock singer and his two girlfriends. This psychedelic film juxtaposes Chas's violent energy and the fading rock star's languidness. 'Performance' is treasured as a 'sixties' classic and was Roeg's directorial debut. find out more...