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CertificationE Our Rating

At the end of 2002 Ethiopia faced yet another devastating famine, despite a booming worldwide coffee industry, worth in excess of $80 billion, Ethiopian coffee farmers were facing bankruptcy, extreme poverty and starvation. The Francis brothers spent two and half years following Fair Trade coffee representative, Meskela on his worldwide travels to secure buyers for his co-operative's coffee at a fair price. Black Gold is an affecting, galvanizing and deeply informative documentary without becomi find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Set in Johannesburg (more than a welcome change to the usual formulaic Hollywood paradigm whereby LA or New York are not only the backdrop for disaster but act too as the centre-point of planet Earth), An ominous mothership hovers above Johannesburg containing an alien race of insectoid refugees. Derogatively referred to as 'Prawns' by humans they are cordoned off in an apartheid-esque fashion and forced to live a desolate and slum-like existence in the titular District 9. While forcibly relocat find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

A very skilful and claustrophobic drama, tensely directed by James Foley. A superb cast fight it out to be the top salesman, and to win the Cadillac first prize, 2nd prize: a set of steak knives!, in the cut-throat real estate game. Intense acting and sparkling dialogue makes for gripping viewing

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