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CertificationU Our Rating

With no personal bias whatsoever you quite simply have to see this film. Fabulous special effects and superbly theatrical acting, this Greek myth is a hugely entertaining adventure romp, replete with multi-headed Hydras, warrior skeletons and bronze gods. Suspend disbelief and enjoy. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Huge epic, set during the heyday of Republican Rome, in all its ostentatious glory. The story details the purchase and selection of slaves, the harsh discipline and routine of the gladiators' school, the new comradeship balked by the realisation that a gladiator must kill or be killed. Then the film really comes into its own with the superbly staged revolt and escape, led by the slave who, with his unlikely army, holds the Roman army at bay for four years. Magnificent, masterful....a classic! find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

When a prehistoric horse is captured, a group of adventurers decide to travel to Mexico's Forbidden Valley in search of other specimens for their circus. Winged, fanged monsters and some mighty pissed off dinosaurs cannot dissuade the motley crew of cowboys, but as we all well know from cinematic experience, if you mess with prehistoric carnivores, they're going to come back and bite you. 'The Valley Of The Gwangi' is a classic slice of Harryhausen stop motion animation and while the story is no find out more...