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Certification15 Our Rating

GOON (2011)

Certification15 Our Rating

Lucy Fife Donaldson says: "Written by Apatow-adjacent Jay Baruchel (asseen in Knocked Up) and Evan Goldberg (PineappleExpress, Superbad),this is an affectionate and violent insight into the life of an Ice Hockeyenforcer, the player used to protect his team and intimidate the other players.Sean William Scott is Doug, a nice but none-too-bright bouncer, the black sheepof a family of Jewish doctors, who finds his calling as an enforcer who iseventually hired to protect a star player who has been find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

A charming story of a Scottish adolescent who struggles to get to grips with being replaced by a girl on the school football team. Demoted to goalie he becomes infatuated by this wonder woman. But will she be interested in poor spotty Gregory? Or will Gregory perhaps become the next George Best? Watch and see in this fantastic British comedy! find out more...