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Certification18 Our Rating

Japan is reaching a point of economic and social meltdown, school kids are revolting and teachers fear for their lives. In order to make an example the government introduces The Battle Royale Act - a problem class of teenagers are picked and sent to a secluded island where they are each given one weapon and must to fight to the death, with only one survivor permitted, and this year's choice, because one pupil knifed a teacher, is Class B from Zentsuji Middle School. Battle Royale had rave review find out more...
FARGO (1996)

Certification18 Our Rating

An excellent black comedy, handsome thriller and a tall story that keeps you guessing as it unwinds. The genuinely ridiculous plot (a man pays a couple of goons to 'pretend' to kidnap his wife in order to get his paws on his in-laws' 'ransom' money) is completely credible as mighty plans fall apart, spiralling ever more beyond the protagonist's control and leaving us marvelling at the complex stupidity of human nature. A modern classic.

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Certification15 Our Rating

For most intelligent people the idea of going away with a group of work colleagues on a team-building weekend is horror enough, but for the hapless employees of Palisade Defence they have more to contend with than just the usual soul-sucking turgidity of paint-balling and raft building. From the director of 'Creep', 'Severance' is a comedy horror with likeable characters (apart from the nasties), a good script and plenty of the red stuff, and, while it ain't no Shaun of the Dead (not romantic en find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

The famous con man movie in which two Chicago shysters plot an elaborate revenge on the mobster who killed their friend. Brilliant attention to period detail, a superbly put together plot and an overall damn good movie. Won Best Picture at 1973 Academy Awards. Absolutely brilliant. find out more...