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HANCOCK (2008)

Certification12 Our Rating

Hancock is an angry, frustrated, embittered alcoholic, that he also happens to be a superhero seems to be slipping down his list of priorities, along with the appreciation of the great American public. It is only when Hancock meets an idealistic PR man (eh?!) that his fortunes take a turn for the better, but, with his new found sobriety, Hancock is also forced to face his long forgotten past. Touted as a superhero-action-comedy, 'Hancock' is actually more a soulful, even semi-tragic, affair abou find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

There's hardly anything I would improve about this film. The visuals, concepts, soundtrack, characters, pace, humour and animation are all some of the best I've ever seen in any film; I was worried the hype would ruin it for me, as it always does, but not even the group of kids in the theatre who wouldn't stop loudly talking could ruin it for me. It is visually engaging and find out more...