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Certification15 Our Rating

1560, Peru. In a beautiful poetic opening scene the conquistadors cross an Andes pass, situated between the peaks and the valleys, between conquered land and unexplored forests, between 'heaven' and 'earth', shrouded in mists, they make their way down a narrow path. Aguirre's meglomania grows as around him his comrades mutiny and die in his search for the lost city of El Dorado. Herzog's best film, an unforgetable tour de force. Made before the director himself gave in to meglomania on a later t find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

One of the best suspense thrillers ever made - often imitated and rarely bettered. It's of the intrepid city adventurers up against in-bred redneck natives mould and the rednecks have the natural advantage, being both horribly cruel and at home in the woods. For anyone who enjoyed "Southern Comfort". find out more...