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Certification15 Our Rating

Rapper/DJ Kenny meets jazz artist Tracy and, inspired by her commitment, decides to use his talents to escape the ghetto. However the death of a graffiti artist friend presents Kenny with an emotional dilemma, whether to honour the memory of his friend or pursue his own dreams. "Beat Street" doesn't have the most striking of story lines, but the film is really about the musical phenomenon of hip hop (correctly spotting the burgeoning talents of Afrika Bambaata and the Soul Sonic Force, Grand Mas find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Taken from Pete Townsend's rock "opera" of teenage frustration and rebellion set amongst the mods and rockers battling it out on Brighton beach in 1964. Brilliantly recreates the atmosphere of the time and has a great sound track. Speed fighting, speed, casual sex, speed, bike chains and speed. find out more...