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CertificationPG Our Rating

School. Remember that? When life was all crayons and small glass bottles of milk and the winters were colder and summers dragged out for years..... aaaaaah. Aside from that great scene in Fanny And Alexander when the dad tells his kids the history of a green chair, this beautifully made documentary is about as powerful an evocation of childhood you can get on film. The crew manages not to intrude on the class and as a result we get brief sincere glimpses of children at their most open, childish find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

A quirky, clever and charming movie from rookie director Anderson, who flies in the face of convention by making the hero of this high school-based comedy a slightly geeky academic who's anything but the all-American kid. Max Fischer is a brilliant but mixed-up scholarship kid at the Rushmore Academy, with a frenzied timetable and an uncanny knack of baffling both students and teachers alike. He attracts the attention of Blume (the superb Bill Murray), a rich, bored, middle-aged parent, apparen find out more...