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Certification18 Our Rating

Betty Blue is irresistable: she is a "femme fatale", an emotional H-bomb just waiting to go off. When she falls for a guy who is content with his lot as a handyman, looking after beach side chalets, reads his novel, unpublished, decides he has talent and drags him off to Paris, well...! find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

At the peak of her international career, Maria Enders is asked to perform in a revival of the play that made her famous twenty years ago. But back then she played the role of Sigrid, an alluring young girl who disarms and eventually drives her boss Helena to suicide. Now she is being asked to step into the other role, that of the older Helena. She departs with her assistant to rehearse in Sils Maria; a remote region of the Alps. A young Hollywood starlet with a penchant for scandal is to take find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Italians, Koreans and African Americans are struggling to keep a lid on the tensions within their Brooklyn community, but Sal's pizza parlour provides the perfect social hub for the neighbourhood. However, as a sweltering hot day drags slowly on, racial tensions evolve from petty bickering to full scale violence and ... WHY WON'T THAT GUY TURN OFF HIS FREAKIN' RADIO!!!! Excuse me. A controversial but mature film from Spike Lee. Incendiary, compelling and highly recommended.

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KOSMOS (2011)

Certification12 Our Rating