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Certification15 Our Rating

CertificationE Our Rating

Jack Johnson's first break into the public music arena was when his composition 'Rodeo Clowns' was chosen to be G-ILove and Special Sauce's first single off their 1999 album 'Philadelphonic'. He had long been a huge figure in the surfing world, having been born and raised in Hawaii. He fast became a renowned surfer and scored a pro contract with Quiksilver before he had left high school. His implicit creativity led him to study and graduate with a degree in film at Santa Barbara. This then led t find out more...
LONDON (1993)

CertificationU Our Rating

The 'story' is structured round three journeys undertaken by the Narrator and his friend Robinson to research the source of English Romanticism. As the pair attempt to get a grip on the city's history, contemporary events distract them from their planned route and their focus on the past. A scathing commentary on the effects of more than a decade of Conservatism, the film touches on figures as diverse as Baudelaire, John Major and the Chippendales and is one of the most original British features find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

A deeply moving, insightful and fascinating documentary on Louis I Khan, regarded by many as one of the greatest architects of the 20th Century, by his illegitimate son, Nathaniel Khan. Interviewing friends colleagues and mistresses (including his own mother) Nathaniel builds a complex image of an emotionally flawed genius. Many of Louis's greatest works, including Fort Worth's Kimbell Art Museum and the National Assembly building in Dhaka, Bangladesh, are given ample space in this impassioned j find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

'My Winnipeg' is an outstanding achievement in cinema that combines private experience with collective memory to exemplarily explicate the meaning of so simplistic and yet so complicated a term such as 'home'. Maddin creates a stunning and intelligent reflection of his home town, breathing new life into traditional modes of cinematic language. A superb film and an absolute must-see. find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

Robinson undertakes an engaging journey around England and illuminates some aspects of life as we know it on this strange island. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

In the USA suicide is far more common than homicide, someone taking their own life every eighteen minutes, with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge confirmed as the most popular suicide destination in the world. Inspired by an article written by Tad Friend of the New Yorker, entitled 'The Fatal Grandeur of the Golden Gate Bridge', Steel and his crew watched the bridge for all of 2004, filmed most of the 24 deaths, prevented several others and recorded the suffering and desperation of so many of the ju find out more...