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Certification15 Our Rating

Self-confessed in-it-for-life metaller Sam Dunn is narrator and guide in this erudite documentary about that most misunderstood and derided of musical genres, heavy metal. Dunn is an anthropologist and, as such, intends to challenge outsiders' perceptions about the clichés of satanism, spots and sexual confusion with an investigation of the realities inside the metal scene and its many sub-genres. Along the way he speaks to metallers of note Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maid find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

An artful documentary about the life of Daniel Johnson, singer/songwriter, artist, cartoonist and general artistic genius, but a man sadly afflicted with a severe mental illness that makes him totally self-delusional and an occasional danger to both himself and others. Daniel, raised in a Christian fundamentalist family in deepest West Virginia, amongst many of his fantasies, sees Devils everywhere, and with his overblown self-importance, not helped by his legions of admirers, vying with his low find out more...