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Certification18 Our Rating

Italians, Koreans and African Americans are struggling to keep a lid on the tensions within their Brooklyn community, but Sal's pizza parlour provides the perfect social hub for the neighbourhood. However, as a sweltering hot day drags slowly on, racial tensions evolve from petty bickering to full scale violence and ... WHY WON'T THAT GUY TURN OFF HIS FREAKIN' RADIO!!!! Excuse me. A controversial but mature film from Spike Lee. Incendiary, compelling and highly recommended.

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Certification15 Our Rating

An arrogant bright black Northern homicide detective travelling via a small Mississippi town becomes involved in a murder investigation after a local industrialist is found dead. Engaged in a clash of wills with the local racist cop the two eventually develop a mutual respect. Won Best Picture at 1967 Academy Awards. find out more...