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CertificationE Our Rating

A true story that records the determination, anguish and hopes of two guys whose driving desire is to make it into the basketball bigtime, an extraordinarily powerful film and what a real life dramatic finale! Awesome! find out more...
PALIO (2015)

Certification12 Our Rating

Certification15 Our Rating

A little known passage of British history - the fate of the black men who volunteered for the King's Men in the American War of Independence. At least the Empire didn't abandon them to the slaver George Washington and his thugs, instead dumping them on the desolate Novia Scotia coastline. But where there's life there's hope and enter the radical Thomas Clarkson's brother, a young naval officer named John, who, energised by their living conditions, collected the remnants and shipped them to Freet find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

This a mockumentary about a young filmmaker's search for information about the Watermelon Woman, an undocumented 1930s black film actress forever cast as a 'black mammy'. Set in Pennsylvania, the tale follows director/video store clerk Cheryl through arguments with her co-producer, make out sessions with her new flame, as well as run-ins with staff at the Center for Lesbian Information and Technology (CLIT). A moving film about race and sexuality that gives a large nod to the lesbian filmmakers find out more...