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BABY BOY (2001)

Certification18 Our Rating

Jody is a young black American still growing up in South Central LA, he wants the respect of his neighbourhood but he has no means of support and still lives with his mother. It is only the arrival of his mum's new boyfriend and his girlfriend's ex that snaps Jody out of his world of dreamy aspirations and forces him to realise that there are some harsh realities to face. Baby Boy is a gritty urban drama from John Singleton that fails to quite capture the stunning heights of his 'Boyz N The Hood find out more...

Certification12 Our Rating

A slow, lyrical series of vignettes, often banal, but always poetic, about life one hot summer in a decaying Deep South (North Carolina) small town for a tight-knit, predominately black, group of impoverished semi-rural children on the cusp of adolescence and responsibility. The plot, for what it matters; a child's game goes astray and one is accidentally killed, trapping the children in a lie that slowly pulls them apart. George is the handicapped (his skull hasn't fused) introspective, but inw find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

Djay is a small time pimp listlessly hustling his main girl Nola and dreaming of a less ugly existence. When DJay meets an old school friend he is immediately smitten by the opportunity for escape� the chance to make his name as a rapper. With the imminent arrival of an urban music producer DJay knows his one way out is to do what he does best�make the hustle. Hustle And Flow is not an original tale but it's elevated by some tight, spare, unsentimental direction and an Oscar nominated perfor find out more...

CertificationPG Our Rating

David Wiseman is a likeable young lad, the son of Jewish refugees, growing up in suburban England during the 1960s, his passion is cricket, a game he loves but is yet to master. When a Jamaican family move in next door and turn their back yard into a batting net David cannot contain his excitement, here are some fellow fans and they can really play. Oblivious to the increasing alienation his new friends are receiving from the rest of his neighbourhood, it is not long before David finds himself f find out more...