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Certification15 Our Rating

A stunning visual account of man's struggle for survival in the 21st Century, a time when replicant life forms are beginning to surpass humans not just in intelligence but emotions, raising questions about our concepts of self. A post-modern sci-fi classic, THE great Hollywood movie of the '80s, the last great pre-computer film done with smoke-and-mirrors SFX and the definitive cult arthouse Sci-Fi film. This is the originally released version with no unicorns in a dream, a voiceover to keep y find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

A superb, stylish and tense noir thriller unlucky not to win any of its four Oscar nominations. Roy is a con-man in hospital having just been beaten up after a con backfired. This is where his con-artist mum catches up with him after eight years, and when she meets his girlfriend the tension erupts. find out more...

Certification18 Our Rating

Outstanding thriller with the amazing Linda Fiorentino as a woman on the run from her husband with a suitcase full of his ill-gotten gains. When she meets small-town nice guy Mike he doesn't stand a chance. Superbly clever, a razor sharp script and the most evil screen bitch in movie history. find out more...