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Certification18 Our Rating

David Cronenberg puts the human psyche under the microscope here, with the central characters seemingly hypnotised by their own dark compulsions. James and Catherine have an open relationship, proudly regaling each other with the ice-cold details of their latest extra-marital exploits, but a head-on crash involving Holly Hunter provides the catalyst for James's erotic obsession with auto accidents and, after hooking up with Vaughan, who re-stages celebrity car crashes, and his lover, who wears l find out more...

Certification15 Our Rating

An entomologist, searching for insects in the desert, becomes trapped in a large escape-proof sandpit with a desirable, but inarticulate, woman, and a taught sexual tension gradually builds between them. On such a slight plot the film develops into an exploration of eroticism and the attraction between man and woman. An unusually cruel and suspense filled thriller. find out more...